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A privileged and exclusive communication channel between sales network and specialist dermatologist, enhancing the features offered by the digital tools suite of Veeva Engage and Veeva Vault.

The goal is realized by creating a web community intended as a hub for collecting information and broadcasting services exclusively dedicated to the specialist dermatologist.


The project is divided into two types of activities: a technical one that involves the creation and management of all web related activities; and an editorial one, to be carried out by the local agency chosen by the subsidiary LEO Pharma, which includes the production of scientific and educational content dedicated to the dermatologist.


Survey and Polls

Useful add to know the users’ general opinion and expectations. Survey topics may concern the quality of services offered, the opinion about new events or services, the detection of the training needs, and the evaluation of the knowledge on specific issues.

Smartphone app

Clouderma app, for tablets and smartphones, to take advantage of all the services available. Useful for the rep because he can manage HCP requests for access to content.

Extended dashboard analytics

Customizable solution for advanced management of site access statistics. Through this service the project admin has access to each user's activities dashboard of Clouderma and performs queries using the available variables (users for rep, general rep performance, HCP segmentation data, etc.). Besides displaying the detail level just described, the admin will be able to work on macro-level data.

Via Walter Tobagi, 8/A 20143 Milan | Contact us